New Endowment Will Benefit Town of Holland

Dubois County, January 27, 2014:  A new endowment was recently established with the Dubois County Community Foundation to benefit the town of Holland.

Holland Community Endowment was established this past December by funds from the dissolution of the Holland Dairy Foundation.   The purpose of the endowment is to support a range of charitable needs within the community and for the benefit of Holland.

Holland Community Endowment is the eighth endowment held by the Community Foundation for the benefit of Holland. These include: Augustana Foundation in Memory of Helen S. & Webster H. Miller Endowment Fund, Maurice C. Woods Memorial Endowment, Lynne Weber Messmer Memorial Endowment, Holland Park Charitable Endowment, Hank and Eloise Henke Stadium and Field Endowment, Clem and Mary Lange Best Chairs Endowment for the Benefit of Ferdinand, Holland, and St. Henry and Holland National Bank Community Scholarship Fund.

To learn more about the newly established Holland Community Endowment or to make a contribution, visit or call the Foundation at 482-5295.