New Endowment Will Benefit Community Of Schnellville

Dubois County, January 5, 2016: A new endowment has been established with the Dubois County Community Foundation to benefit the community of Schnellville.

Schnellville Community Endowment was created from the proceeds of this year’s Sesquicentennial celebration celebrated in September.

“The entire Schnellville community worked so very hard to raise this money for our town,” said Matt Eckert, Sesquicentennial Committee member. “It was so rewarding to see all ages come together with one, unified goal,” he said.

A $100,000 contribution was made by the community to seed the endowment. The purpose of the fund is to support a broad range of charitable needs within and for the benefit of Schnellville.

“This endowment will help position our town and our children, who are the future of Schnellville, to be financially able to take care of the many projects and organizations that make Schnellville such a wonderful place to live,” Eckert said.

Schnellville Community Endowment joins the Jack and Eileen Nelson Memorial Endowment and C.J. Gehlhausen Endowment as funds held by the Community Foundation that support Schnellville projects and organizations.

To learn more about the newly established Schnellville Community Endowment or to make a contribution, visit or call the Foundation at 482-5295.