Helping Donors Make a Difference

In partnership with the Community Foundation, anyone may become a philanthropist at any time and in any amount, through the many flexible giving opportunities it offers. We can tailor a giving solution for you to help you make a difference in ways that have meaning for you, and those who benefit from your generosity.

Be the donor to establish a perpetual endowment for your favorite charity or cause. Contact us to learn more about designated funds.

Helping Nonprofits Build Reliable Income

The Community Foundation supports local nonprofits who provide vital services by building and endowing charitable resources to support their missionsĀ and connecting them with donors passionate about the causes they are serving. Like you, we appreciate the work of our local nonprofits in Dubois County. We value them as partners and provide many ways for people to contribute for their benefit.

Several nonprofit organizations have entrusted us to grow and preserve permanent endowments for their agencies. They have utilized their own resources to build an endowment for their benefit, providing an exclusive source of grant funds with no need to apply for funding. As well, donors can learn about and give with confidence to a specific charity through the Community Foundation simply by having a conversation with us.

Are you staff or a board member of a local nonprofit and looking to establish a perpetual source of income? Contact us about agency funds.