Emerging Leaders


Emerging Leaders

Who We Are

At its core, Emerging Leaders is a giving circle administered by the Dubois County Community Foundation where individuals pool their funds to create a larger impact in our nonprofit community. Dubois County Emerging Leaders aims to leverage individual charitable giving, provide educational opportunities relating to philanthropy, and create social and professional networking opportunities for its members.

We believe that philanthropy should not be driven by income or age, but by the power of collective action to create lasting change. By making charitable giving easy and exciting, engaging in the grant-making process, and amplifying our impact through collective giving, we are creating a new generation of philanthropists who will help address critical needs in our communities.


Many individuals want to give, but don’t know what organizations to support. Emerging Leaders participants work together to evaluate nonprofits, better understand their needs, and ultimately give an impactful grant. Because individual contributions are pooled, the giving circle is able to make a greater impact than would have been possible if only giving alone.

Since 2012, Emerging Leaders has been able to grant over $28,000 to local organizations. Through active participation, we are committed to spur innovation in philanthropy through the nonprofit sector and the problems it aims to solve. All dollars given through Emerging Leaders stay local and support charities within Dubois County. To see a recap of last year’s activities, check out the 2016 Year in Review.

How The Giving Circle Works

1. Make an annual contribution. Suggested minimum levels of support:

  • $120/year for Individuals 

  • $180/year for Couples

2. Join us for social events where we learn from experienced philanthropists as we look at our own role in giving back.  Expand your personal and professional network as you engage with other individuals in our community.

3. Your contribution will be leveraged to make meaningful change at the end of the year as we pool our funds together to nominate, educate, and vote for a local nonprofit organization to receive the annual grant.

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