Community Foundation to Host Reimagine Charity Event

Jasper, November 8, 2018: Dubois County Community Foundation in partnership with Jasper Engines & Transmissions will host a “Reimagine Charity” event presented on December 4 in Jasper.

The interactive seminar will be presented by The Lupton Center, the training and consulting division of Focused Community Strategies (FCS), a Christian community development organization in Atlanta.

The seminar seeks to build healthy and effective partnerships within communities to address the cycle of material poverty and introduces the basic concepts of toxic and responsible charity.

“The Lupton Center operates under the belief that all people have value, dignity, and something to offer to the community,” said Clayton Boyles, Executive Director of the Community Foundation. “The Community Foundation shares in this belief system and is eager to bring this conversation to our community,” Boyles said.

The event invites groups to consider why traditional charity paradigms are not working and to envision a new and better way forward.

“Jasper Engines is a partner in the Reimagine Charity event because we believe in responsible charity that supports and promotes healthy community development in a positive approach versus hand out charity,” said chairman and CEO, Doug Bawel of Jasper Engines.

The event will be held on Tuesday, December 4, from 1:00pm-4:00pm at the Parklands Pavilion in Jasper. The seminar is free to attend but space is limited. To register or learn more, contact the Community Foundation at 812.482.5295.

Focused Community Strategies (FCS) was founded in 1978 by urban activist and Christian community developer Bob Lupton. Lupton challenges common conceptions about modern charitable work by arguing that most charity is ineffective and does more harm than good. Lupton provides models to serve the needy and impoverished members of our communities in a way that will lead to lasting, real-world change.  Lupton is the author of Toxic Charity and more recently, Charity Detox: What Charity Would Look Like If We Cared About Results. “We cannot serve people out of poverty,” Lupton writes.