Community Foundation Sees Strong Year of Philanthropic Giving

Dubois County, February 17, 2014:  Dubois County Community Foundation ended 2013 with $1.8 million in contributions and grants and a total endowment market value of over $23.4 million. Local giving remained steady and investment returns yielded 17.6%, making 2013 a strong year for the charitable organization.

Included in contributions was a $40,000 grant from Smithville Charitable Foundation to endow the Community Foundation’s BetterTogether Initiative, which focuses on nonprofit development and overall capacity building.

The Foundation granted $508,000 to Dubois County charities. In addition to grantmaking, the Foundation saw 11 new permanent endowments established by local individuals and businesses to support a range of charitable causes across the county.

“We’re pleased with the year we had and will continue our focus on ensuring we remain the center of philanthropic engagement,” Brad Ward, CEO said. “This year we continue to seek collaboration in our community—funders, nonprofits, and government—for more effective grantmaking and ways of identifying and improving upon critical issues,” Ward said.