Artworks Grant to Advance Latino Association

Dubois County, March 7, 2013:  In June of 2010, the former Huntingburg Foundation, which was part of the June 2012 merger with the Dubois County Community Foundation,  launched the ArtWorks Initiative, a $25,000 two year project to invest grant dollars toward arts and culture within Huntingburg and Southwest Dubois County.

The Community Foundation has announced the final segment of funding from ArtWorks—an $8,000 grant extension to American Latin Association of Southern Indiana (A.L.A.S.I.) to deepen its presence of the Hispanic culture and Latino community.

Last fall, Huntingburg Mayor Denny Spinner was approached by Brad Ward, CEO of the Community Foundation, to determine an avenue of funding cultural activities within the City through the ArtWorks initiative.  

“I learned after meeting with members of A.L.A.S.I. that their mission is to attain a higher level of living for the Hispanic Community in Huntingburg.  Their vision to support the community by integrating with other cultures is something the City fully supports, Mayor Spinner said.

“I am convinced the ALASI is an ideal recipient of funds through the ArtWorks Initiative, and the festival they are planning will be a cultural and educational opportunity for all the citizens of Huntingburg.  I am pleased the Community Foundation is supportive of this effort.”

The Community Foundation will award A.L.A.S.I. a grant of $3,000 in support for the Hispanic Festival during October 2013 in the City of Huntingburg to cover operating expenses.  Up to an  additional $5,000 in grant dollars is available if matched by local contributors $1 for $1 to aid in the expansion of the festival in future years as well as unrestricted support to enhance the mission work of A.L.A.S.I. in the community.

Ward said the final segment of ArtWorks funding was intended to expand cultural opportunities within the City of Huntingburg and surrounding communities.   “This grant is beyond just another event or festival.  It is an investment in A.L.A.S.I., which exemplifies and demonstrates the cultural values that unify our Anglo and Latino communities, Ward said.

Previous grants have supported a variety of activities that expanded the arts, including grants to underwrite local music performances, band boosters, an expansion of programs offered by the Art Guild, and equipment additions to the Southridge Art Department.

ArtWorks grants were also responsible for the launch of dance classes held at the Huntingburg Event Center, which has benefited every age group from three year olds to senior citizens.

“Sharing their cultural values—a strong work ethic, faith and family, and aspiration for a better, more integrated community—with the broader community is key to the A.L.A.S.I. mission.  It’s why they were best suited for the ArtWorks grant,” Ward said.

“We want to share the friendship that characterizes what the Hispanic community has received from this country,” said Jose Gil, A.L.A.S.I. chairperson. “A.L.A.S.I., on behalf of the Hispanic Community, is grateful for the grant from the Dubois County Community Foundation. This festival is one tool for the integration of Hispanic culture,” Gil said.

About A.L.A.S.I.

A.L.A.S.I., an abbreviation of American Latin Association of Southern Indiana, was founded in 2007 by members of the local Hispanic community. The mission of A.L.A.S.I. is to attain a higher level of living in the social, economic and educational areas of the Hispanic community. A.L.A.S.I. strives to support the community in cultural integration. To learn more about A.L.A.S.I., contact Jose Gil at 683-4174.